Creative Mornings

My Creative Mornings talk just reached 2000 views. I love the event, and the dialog it generates with the local creative community.

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Run hyperreality, run!

Equestrian Painting

According to semiotician Umberto Eco and sociologist Jean Baudrillard, hyperreality happens when representation is perceived as more real than reality itself.

The idea of hyperreality usually conjures up images of Neo in The Matrix, or the current debate over video games and virtual reality. But even though the theory of hyperreality is relatively new, the phenomenon is as old as representation itself.

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Go ahead pixel, make my day!

Video Game Violence

So, the law that would have set restrictions on the sale of violent video games to minors was shut down by the U.S. Supreme Court. I did a Twitter search to gauge the public reaction regarding this decision, and was amazed to find a large group of people supporting it. My amazement grew when I read comments like “even my five year old knows the difference between shooting someone in a game and real people on the street” and “I think our kids are smart enough to know the difference between a game and real life.”

The reason why I don’t believe those statements make much sense is that they are confusing what we are capable of doing with what we actually do. We’re all capable of writing a novel, but most of us don’t.

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