Is Facebook Resorting to Punitive Measures to Control Discourse?

Is Facebook using punitive measures?

While I can’t say for certain, let me share with you a recent experience which has led me to believe that the answer is YES.

On September 13 I shared a post on my page Beware of Images. It commented on a statement made by Mark Zuckerberg regarding his company’s relationship with the NSA. I tagged Mark’s profile on the comment.

Suddenly, my page numbers began to drop dramatically. The drop, combined with the angry and insulting words being directed at Mr. Zuckerberg by some commenters, drove me to delete the post.

It was too late. My numbers continued falling. Here’s a screen capture of my page insights before and after September 13th. Judge for yourselves. Continue reading

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Heaney’s Republic.

The escalating war in Syria has rightfully taken much of our attention, so it is understandable that the death of Seamus Heaney has been eclipsed by it. Still, in my mind, both events are mysteriously connected. One, a loud and horrific example of human-rights violations, the other a quiet and beautiful example of human-rights exaltation. I want to turn my attention to the second one now.
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Open Letter To Mark Zuckerberg

Dear Mark,

I hope this letter reaches you, and finds you well.

First of all, allow me to congratulate you on your well-recognized achievements. Not everyone creates a telecommunications platform that redefines the way in which we all connect. I became a big fan of Facebook after incorporating it to my transmedia project Beware of Images. The project is aimed at generating media literacy awareness, and Facebook was helping us reach that goal. It was simple and worked perfectly, people became members, and they received our updates. However, as I write to you today, I am very frustrated and disappointed with the platform’s current direction. Continue reading

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A Terrifying Tale

This Halloween we share with you the story of a giant mouse that devours all culture. After feasting on the flesh of ABC, ESPN, Miramax, Marvel, Pixar and The Muppets, it has just swallowed Lucasfilm. The monster is well known for his Public Domain Massacre, and now both the force and the dark side are with him.

It’s a spine-chilling tale of greed and monopolization. Muahahahaha…

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